The Perfection of Merit: A Day of Dharma Activity

The Perfection of Merit: A Day of Dharma Activity

Date: Sun, Nov 04, 2018 10:00 am - 5:00 pm
Duration: 7 Hours

prayer Flags resizedCircumambulatingStupa resizedBuddhahood is the state in which one spontaneously and effortlessly benefits oneself and all beings without exception. In order to attain this state, we must perfect the accumulations of merit and wisdom. Through the perfection of the two accumulations, we purify our notions of self and other and realize the true nature of mind.




Join us as we participate in various merit gathering activities such as offering butterlamps, making stupa circumambulations, hanging prayer flags, liberating fish and offering a fire ceremony. 


The schedule is as follows (Reminder that clocks change this weekend):

10:00 am| Offering of prayer flagslighting of butterlamps, circumambulation of stupa, followed by introduction of Lama Tsering and Lama Norgyal

12:00 noon | Vegetarian lunch followed by a fish release (animal liberation) and Sür, the evening fire offering ceremony 
Sür is an offering to the 4 guests: the Buddhas & Bodhisattvas; Protectors; sentient beings; and those with whom we have karmic debts. It averts obstacles and sickness and is dedicated to those who are dying, beings in the Bardo, and to beings with whom we have karmic debts.



There is no charge for attendance. Suggested donation for lunch is $10.

There will be the opportunity to sponsor lamps, prayer flags, liberating fish & fire offerings. All donations for the merit of all are graciously accepted!


Reservations are required if you need overnight accommodations.   Please send an email to reservations@kagyu.com if you are joining us for meals only. Please see General Information about Events at KTC for details.


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1) 放生佛堂向魚餌批發商批購已預售的魚餌 , $10/兩打魚餌請提前預訂

2) 點酥油燈: $1/兩盞 

3) 風馬旗$10-$45

4) 火供火供的供品可隨喜參與供養  

5) 朶瑪(...):$20/1 . 請提前預訂以利作業 ; 欲乘小巴請提前預約每位$25. 7:10AM準時在法拉盛對面停車場開車 , 逾時不候 ! 

1) 9:15AM 報到 

2) 9:45AM-10:15AM 點酥油燈

3) 10:30AM 集合繞佛塔

4) 11:15AM 回坐彌勒佛殿新住持開示

5) 12PM 午餐

6) 1:00PM 第一批準備放生第二批置辦火供之供品

7) 2:00PM 輪第二梯次放生 , 第一梯次回佛堂置辦火供之供品 .

8) 3:15PM-3:30PM 火供 , 4:30PM圓滿結束 

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