First Parinirvana Anniversary of Lama Norlha Rinpoche

First Parinirvana Anniversary of Lama Norlha Rinpoche

Date: Tue, Feb 19, 2019 8:15 am
Duration: All Day

LNR Paranirvana2019


Please join us in remembering Lama Rinpoche’s great kindness and blessings. 

ButterlampsCloseUp enhancedRinpoche’s Parinirvana Anniversary auspiciously coincides with Chotrul Duchen, the ‘Festival of Miracles’ which occurs on the full moon of the first Tibetan month, and commemorates the Buddha performing fifteen days of miracles in order to inspire devotion in his disciples. On Chotrul Duchen, all positive and negative actions are said to be multiplied 10 million times. 

8:15 am | Lighting of Butter Lamps

9:00 am | Chanting of Pema Benza
12:00 noon | Vegetarian Lunch
2:00 pm | Chanting of Pema Benza
Dusk | Lighting of Butter Lamps


Pema Benza or Padmavajra is one of the three principal termas of Yongey Mingyur Dorje. The main visualization is Guru Rinpoche as Vajradhara surrounded by the eighty mahasiddhas as herukas.


The practice of Jangchok performed for the benefit of the deceased will be included within the chanting of the Pema Benza sadhana. You may provide us with names of the deceased for dedication and these names will be included within the chanting. To make these dedications, please download the Pema Benza Sadhana Dedication form.


All are welcome to join in the day’s observances by visualizing Guru Rinpoche and reciting the Benza Guru mantra, or by doing your personal practice. This event will be live-streamed; please check the website later for more details.


Reservations (1 week in advance) are required if you plan to join us for meals and/or need overnight accommodations. Please send an email to reservations@kagyu.com if you are joining us for meals only, if you need assistance or have to make a reservation closer to the event. Rates for accommodations & individual meals are available on our visitor information page.




同我們一起緬懷喇嘛仁波切的大恩大德慈悲加被 2019年2月19日星期二,彌勒佛大殿




早上8:15: 點酥油燈
上午9:00: 修《忿怒蓮師岩藏法》
中午12點: 午齋
下午2點: 修《忿怒蓮師岩藏法》
黃昏: 點酥油燈






若需超度亡者,請下載《忿怒蓮師岩藏法》Pema Benza Sadhana)中文或英文超度名單表。




請使用線上預訂表格 http://kagyu.com/ktc-reservations.。若僅參加午齋,或臨近法會前,預訂需要幫助,請發電子郵(務必寫英文!)reservations@kagyu.com 食宿費價格請閱訪客資訊 http://www.kagyu.com/monastery/visitor-information

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