Gya Shi, "The Practice of the Four Hundred Offerings"

Gya Shi, "The Practice of the Four Hundred Offerings"

Date: Mon, Aug 19, 2019 1:30 pm - 4:30 pm
Duration: 3 Hours

Gya Shi is a practice involving four hundred offerings which is done as a means to purify obstacles created by the 4 maras (mental afflictions; attachment to happiness; clinging to the 5 skandhas; death).  The four hundred offerings are described in the practice text below:


Shakyamuni Buddha (1)

The vast offerings of Gya Shi are dedicated to the accumulation of merit and wisdom.
Through the blessings of offering 100 tsa-tsa, may all beings engage in the 10 virtues and give up the 10 non-virtues.
Through the merit of offering 100 butterlamps, may all beings clear away the darkness of ignorance so that the 5 wisdoms may be realized.
Through the merit of offering 100 tormas, may all beings be free from famine.
Through the merit of offering 100 chambu (effigies), may all beings purify all karmic debt which makes harmful hindrances.
Though the blessing of reciting the profound sutras, may all beings always turn the wheel of dharma. Through the roots of virtue of offering 400, may myself and all patrons and their loved ones repay all karmic debts. May we perfect the two accumulations and attain the precious level of unsurpassable enlightenment.


Please join us for torma making and preparations at 8:30 am; chanting begins at 1:30 pm.

There are many ways to participate in these auspicious activities.
During all of these dates, the shrine room is open to the public. Everyone is welcome to join us for any amount of time. Additionally, it is possible to sponsor the chanting.


For those who wish to sponsor the chanting, donations can be made towards meals, fire offering ceremonies, or the tea served during the chanting. General contributions towards these special practices are also welcome. Be sure to include a prayer with your donation which will be read aloud to the assembly.

You may make your donations on-line or simply mail your tax-deductible contribution to:

Kagyu Thubten Chöling
Attn: Office
245 Sheafe Road, Wappingers Falls, NY 12590.


Please make checks payable to Kagyu Thubten Choling or KTC. For credit card payments, fax your credit card number (VISA or MasterCard only), along with the expiration date and signature and the amount you would like to charge to (845) 297-5761. For your protection, please do not email your credit card information.


As we are not able to check email during chanting events, please send your prayer request and sponsorship information 48 hours before the first day of chanting to guarantee that we receive it in time to announce your prayer. If you are not able to do that, please leave a short but clear message of your prayer on  845-297-2500  and we will do our best to have your prayer announced. 


There is no charge for attending the chanting but reservations are required if you plan to join us for meals and/or need overnight accommodations. Rates for accommodations & individual meals are available on our visitor information page. Please send an email to reservations@kagyu.com if you are joining us for meals only.

Please note: When arriving by train, please make pick-up arrangements in advance. Click here for information on taxis.


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