Chenrezig Practice

Chenrezig Practice

Date: Thu, Mar 02, 2023 7:30 pm - 8:30 pm
Duration: 1 Hour

Masks are required indoors. 


Please join us as we chant and meditate in order to realize our inborn great compassion.  Guru Vajradhara Tai Situ Rinpoche has said that, “Chenrezig is the embodiment of compassion, Bodhicitta. We reach Buddhahood intentionally, and the intention is Bodhicitta. That is what Chenrezig represents. The Chenrezig Sadhana is the most sacred and profound sadhana. By practicing it with awareness, you can attain Chenrezig’s enlightened body, speech, and mind.”


The liturgy is being screen shared. It is translated as well as written phonetically. You can chant along, or silently read the translation.


 To join us via Zoom please click here.


(Free of Charge)

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